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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Where did the time go?

Holy smokes! It's the end of the first week of November. How did that happen????

There have been field trips, shows, video days, all sorts of shenanigans on and off the has been busy to say the least!  We've been showing our sales horses on a regular basis and then add in the "regular" training, maintenance and odds and ends of farm chores - it's been a bit hectic!

Some Year End results are coming in and I'll report on those as soon as I get my facts straight! The various Zones, Regions and National standings are too important for me to muddle them from a lack of caffeine, so I promise to get it all straight and then post an update with photos!

We've been adding videos to the Farm Page on Facebook every so often as well. You can go to the Page and check out our Videos page. It might give you and idea of what some of the horses are up to these days! In case the words, "You have so many horses" come to mind - every horse is for sale, so please contact Anne to discuss who has caught your attention and then we won't have so many. I am in the process of uploading all of the videos to our YouTube Channel, so they will be available there. Once those links are useable, I will embed all the videos on each horse's page on the website.

As far as training news - Wyatt and Wakanda are working through the entire Grand Prix now and Don William and Daylily (who is the only not-for-sale horse) are working PSG/Intermediare now. So have a look-see and check out the videos. Wyatt and Wakanda continue to make me so proud - they are trying so hard to piece together all they have been taught! They have the best minds - so relaxed and composed when it comes to the "hard" stuff. Things like that make every ride a joy! Add in their ability to be ridden by Adult Amateurs and go right back to their full program with no hiccups...and, well, I am like a proud mama! The younger horses are making big progress - and I should probably explain a "young horse" in my lexicon is anything under 8 years at this point. Our youngest horse is Wendolyn - and she is a 2011 - so not so "little" any longer!

I am offering my clipping services again this year -
thanks to Absorbine for the handy diagram!

Fees are as follows:      add legs to any clip +$75
Full (+legs and head) - $275        Hunter - $200                 Bib - $75
Blanket - $175                              Trace/Irish - $150          Strip - $100
Any variation of the above, contact me, we can negotiate a fee. 
My system for clipping for clients - 
1. Set up a mutual time that is convenient for us. 
    Roughly 2.5 hours for full body, bib or strip 40 minutes. 
    Clipping is much easier/faster if your horse has had a bath recently and the top of the rump is 
    scrubbed with soap. 
2. I arrive with clippers, an extension cord and blades and get to work. 
    Pre-payment is appreciated but not required. 
    It is helpful to be in an enclosed space with little to no wind. 
3. If your horse requires sedation, please have your vet on call to administer medication(s). 
4. If your horse is unruly/dangerous, I will not continue. 
5. When clipping is completed, you inspect, OK the work and I depart. :) 

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