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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rain. Blessed blessed rain.

I know parts of the country (ok, the world too) are under constant deluges. We've not gotten real rain for well over 4 weeks and were totally baked out dry dusty hard ground everywhere. Yuck. At 4:04 this morning it all changed back to healthy greeness with a loud clap of thunder! YAY! Which means it will be great to be back in our outdoor arena again tomorrow!!! No dust! No glaring bright sunlight! Ahhhhh, bliss on horseback!

Speaking of bliss on horseback - the mid and upper level horses are making massive progress with better connection, softness in the bridle and increasing aptitude at the higher levels. Picture big happy dances for this acheivement! All the weeks of hard work and hours in the saddle really start to pay off this time of year! Hip hip hooray! So with steeper half passes, better collection, constantly improving flying changes and the piaffe and passage is always getting better - it must be time to show, right? Soon Grasshopper. Very soon.

First there will be video day(s). We need to have a bit of the luxury of shooting videos and still photos of the horses in action and make some minute corrections in their respective training before venturing out into the big world. But very soon - promise!

We have some fall lesson packages still available for September - October, so contact us to get in the calendar. We do not have any schoolmaster openings, however. If you can not bring your horse to us - get in touch - we'll try to work something out.

But enjoy the rain! It's so nice to be a tad cooler and not walking on cement covered with burned out grasses.

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