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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Almost done!

Almost done. Maybe. Possibly. I think.

You see I've been working on the website for the past 2 days and I think it is almost updated. The old/sold/deceased horses pages need updating but the current riding horses pages are revised.

I'm still looking for updates on some of our SOLD horses. And the stallions offspring pages need to be brought up to speed...but the rest is pretty darned current! WHEW!!!

So if you have a youngster out of our breeding program or by one of our stallions, please email your photos (with photographer credit), show results, inspection scores, updates on training progress, general information...I'm all about getting this project DONE! :) If you have video clips but don't know how to stitch them into a Youtube movie - I can do that if you like/give me permission. The clip(s) don't have to be fancy - check out McDreamy's latest addition -

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