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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Give yourself a great gift going into 2016! Lease a schoolmaster!

2 of our schoolmasters are available for on site lease as of 1/1/16! Their riders had life throw monkey wrenches at them, so they could not renew their contracts...very sad stuff, but these guys have plenty to teach new riders. They're going well 4-5 days per week doing their lateral work, changes, pirouettes, etc and need to keep moving to stay young and fit!

Price and Schedule for Lease Horses
$400 per month.
 Payment due by the 1st.
Which includes:
Saddle pads, girth & splint boots are required for their protection and will be provided.
Catching, grooming and blanketing
Their bridle (snaffle or double)
3 guaranteed rides per week with above services
Use of saddle that fits - yours or ours
2 lessons* per month @ $75 each are strongly recommended, but not required

Accessible hours for January & February  (weather permitting)
1-4pm, 7 days - unless clinic/show here on farm uses only available riding space *Lessons by appointment

Contact to make further arrangements.

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