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Friday, June 19, 2015

Finding the perfect match

I'm sure most everyone has read a romantic story or watched a comedy which has a lovely story about 2 partners finding one another. One of those tale of how they get along like a house on fire and just flat out revel in being around the other person...well, every so often a horse sale goes just that smoothly and the horse adores their person from the first interaction! (and what fun it is to be a part of the process of matchmaking!)

So without any more fuss or flowery language, let's all congratulate Doug of Dark Horse Stables in PA on the purchase of Avebury WF!!! "Dillon" and Doug are building a big trust bond at the moment but the summer and fall will involve some jumper competitions and then there is a trek to Wellington, FL for the winter circuit!

Best of luck to the dynamic duo!!!!

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