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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Traveling Horses! A few new updates!

There is a confirmed case of EHV-1 (equine herpes) in Ocala, FL at the HITS Showgrounds.

According to Eventing Nation - Florida is currently shut down to horse traffic at the State Inspection Station.

So this seems like a timely reminder to have a discussion with your veterinarian and schedule your spring boosters! Also, when you enter a strange facility is a fine time to keep your (and your horse's) distance from the equines who live there. When you return home, a change of clothing, a good scrub of your hands and shoes might seem a bit paranoid, but the alternative could be so much worse! Protect your horses!

And please take a few moments to check the USDA APHIS website and verify your state's regulations for horse traffic! And this is the PA list. Please read through and comply with the regulations - it helps protect your horse as well!

Now with all of that information in mind, Watermark Farm is closed to all equine traffic from Ocala. Our barn nearest the indoor will be closed to outside horses after today (Saturday) due to some traveling that is in the forecast for some of the inhabitants.

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