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Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's cold. The Clinic is Postponed. What to do...

The temperatures are not high enough to work horses. There is snow on the ground. It is a bit slick out in the pastures. Once the horses get their morning grooming and attention, I am retreating into the horse to work on my rider education via Dressage Training Online and Catherine's latest series of videos.

You see, she (Catherine) had an open training day at her barn in Loxahatchee and had all the rides taped and they are now up on DTO for your viewing pleasure. On top of that - she has a code in her latest blog  that will give you free access to the DTO for the rest of the month of February!!! What a huge gift from a fabulous instructor and trainer of Grand Prix horses!!!!!!!!

So if you can't get to Florida to train with Catherine - here is the next best thing! Watch the whole series - she covers a very green 3 year old to her current up and coming Grand Prix horse as well as her working student on a very experienced Grand Prix horse.

Wyatt in the CHS Clinic in June 2012
©A&A Photography
It's a lousy day. Take advantage of some free instruction and make a positive experience out of the cold weather! Your horse will thank you! ;)

Happy Riding! (well, when it gets warmer that is)

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