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Monday, February 11, 2013

It's February but...

I know, I know. It's February. That means some biting cold, snow, ice, rain, mud, slippery roads, fresh horses and a lot of time in the indoor ring.

If you are in my shoes, it also means packing, vet appointments, time with the dentist and farrier plus all of the 80,000 miscellaneous chores that go into helping keep the farm going, horses in work and the other mundane tasks that have to be done each day.

For my preceptive readers, you may have caught an important word in that last sentence - packing! There will be a bit more about that later but there is an interesting proposition looming in the future that I want to get out there first! 
I am looking for a working student. Plain and simple. 

I need a WS who is comfortable grooming, tacking up, leading my horses, walking them quietly, cooling out, bathing, putting them back in the stalls/paddocks and help with the mountain of tack that needs cleaning. Why the sudden change you might ask? Well, warmer weather is coming and there are more than 15 horses in full work at the moment on my personal riding list. The day would be expedited greatly if I could have a trusty soul to tack them up and cool them out for me - in a nutshell. 
So that brings up the topic of compensation - after all - nothing in this world is free! ;) I am a USDF Silver and Gold medalist who can teach you how to have a better, more effective seat and not work so hard while doing dressage at any level. There are several schoolmasters here on the property that can help teach you to be a better rider also. The barter system will be hard at work - lessons on trained horses in exchange for your toiling away at the more mundane chores. 
The job is part time - mornings preferably, say 7:30-12noon 5 days a week. I can teach you on your own horse or on one of ours.  If it is one of ours - all the tack (saddle, bridle) are provided as well as instruction from the moment you settle into the tack. We all answer to Mom as the Chief Trainer and Owner of all Horses but I am asking for additional help with her blessing.

I'm open to talking over what hours/days/responsibilities you have and what you get in exchange. I'm a safety first kind of gal - so don't think you'll be riding without a helmet...cause it's not happening! ;) 
The position opens April 25th. 

If you are interested - please send me an email and we can discuss the interviewing process. If you are not local to the area, housing can be discussed but you have to have your own car and insurance. 

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