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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Thank you's go out to all of our clinic participants from the past 2 months. You all rode beautifully and worked very hard on all the exercises that were given!! It has been a pleasure to watch all the positive progress and good effort reap so many benefits for you and your horses!! 

Big congratulations go out to all of the 'first timers' in the Flying Change Seminar today!!!! It was a real pleasure to watch all the successful flying changes that happened without fuss or drama!!! Your hard work really shows!!! Three cheers for determination and talent!!!

Thank you to Bill Alphin of A& A Photography for the fine photos you have taken! Your smiling, positive energy and friendly comments make the day fun for all! Take a minute and a peek at his work that is available for purchase HERE

Thank you to all of our auditors and new friends! You all have been incredibly stoic and tolerant of the cold to sit through so many, many hours of lessons! 

We will be offering more clinics in the future with a variety topics, so check back for updates!

There continue to be lessons available - private, semi-private and groups and we all love to share our knowledge! Don't be shy! Schedule a lesson and then we can help you reach your riding goals faster!!!

But most of all....


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