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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Now that the Election is behind us there is an opportunity for citizens to stand up and be heard on the Watermark Road Bridge Project! 

But first we must deal with a few facts!
1. There have been 0 Engineering Studies
2. The Bridge Czar of Chester County has said the "Eye of Sauron" is fixed on this bridge and it will come down
3. The County sent a crew last year to remove all of the reinforcing steel that was put underneath a decade ago without notifying anyone and the weight restriction was dropped to 8 Tons AFTER it was "improved" in 2002-2003 on the county Payroll with said reinforcing steel and refurbishment
4. 1 School Bus crosses it 4x per school day
5. It is a one lane bridge
6. The Fire Chief has stated that the fire trucks would not come over it due to the narrow roads that access the bridge. They would come down the hill to our property from Homeville/Street Road and Routes 896/10/41
7. The Township has a "permit" to send heavier trucks over the bridge even though they are beyond the weight restriction

All of this is worth an estimated $12-25 MILLION dollars of Taxpayer Money.

At the December Township Meeting for Upper Oxford, there is a forum with the engineering firm, Township Officials and various other official persons. A grand opportunity to stand up and be heard!!

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  1. If the Washington Memorial which was damsged in the Va, earth quake and it was declared unsafe. Astute engineers, rehabilited it and made it safe. The structure was not torn down and replsced. Keep in mind taxpayer funds were & will be used on these projects, The cost of rehibilation is far less than a replacement project. Safe a piece of local history, because when it goes, it is gone forever. Please sign our petition and thank you.