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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy Update! Weekend Schedule! Farm News!

 We prepared to the best of our abilities for Hurricane Sandy and were very fortunate to have very little damage! The Outdoor was cleared of 99% of the materials and while we got quite a bit of rain and some strong winds, our little valley protected us from the worst of the weather!

 So a few images of the soggy-ness that made the days' work a bit of a challenge. We did lose our electricity for a spell - which just reinforced how dependent we all are on the power grid!!! No chance of any of us turning Amish any time soon! :)
The Muddy Run did jump her banks but beyond a bit of fence repair - we were very lucky! Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by Sandy's wrath.

This photo is from late yesterday afternoon as the first of the Outdoor's drainage system is opened. Given the brisk breeze overnight, we are hoping to be outdoors today (Thursday). If not, the indoor is all prepared to handle the lesson and training traffic!

Now for the bad news - our November Long Lining Clinic is postponed due to Sandy. We will be rescheduling for December so that everyone has a chance to enjoy Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Lessons, our Group Lesson is ON for Saturday! The 2 PM Group will go off as usual. If we are outdoors, there is an 8 horse limit (90x240' is plenty of space). If we are inside, it will be limited to 4 horses and a second 3:15 PM Group

Daylily WF

And last but not least enjoy this photo of our Daylily WF! Little "Stella" is growing up and showing us how special she really is as an upper level prospect! :)

Happy Riding!

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