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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A little birdie just flew by!

A little birdie just flew by and let me know our Fall Frozen Sale is about to come to an end!!!

Contact us ASAP in order to save $$$$$!

Adamant: $250 per dose Dressage Royal: $800 Waldaire: $350
Again and Again: $300 Showtime WF: $200 Wizard WF: $250
Avebury WF: $350 

No LFG applies to these prices. The number of straws per dose has been determined by Select Breeder Services as to meet the industry standard of progressively motile morphologically normal sperm. All semen is stored with SBS in Chesapeake City, MD. 

These discounts will be offered for a limited time! (meaning we will not be announcing the date when the sale ends, so buy now and SAVE!)

Please see our STALLIONS page for more information.

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