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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Sales Extravaganza!

The Holidays are approaching quickly and we would like to make sure that everyone has a happy and positive Holiday Season! And there is no better way of ensuring that than to have a talented, sane and fun horse to work with each day!

Dream Girl WF
We will be offering a substantial discount to show homes with a trainer reference on our current Sales List!
Wall Street WF
There are a few updated photos below of a few of the Sales Horses -

Wendolyn WF
Wolfgang WF (no additional discount)

Wilson WF

Aloysius WF

Westerleigh WF

Whodini WF

Avebury WF

Wallace WF

Don William WF

Wylie WF

As You Wish WF

Wilona WF

And that still leaves Waverleigh, Windrose, Drummond, Dreamcatcher and Wichita Rose WF who need updated photos and videos! We also have a few horses that are available for lease at this time.  If any of the horses listed here (or on the website) are of interest - please contact (484) 880-0779 for more information and pricing.

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