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Monday, April 25, 2011

Schooling photos, baby photos...busy day with the camera! And there are videos to edit!

So we got Wallstreet Rose WF out with her Wizard filly for a while today! Enjoy the photos of Little Miss W...(we're on the hunt for a good name still)

And then our young stallion Wizard got to go over to True Prospect Farm and have a school with Ryan Wood! Such a thrill to see our horse go so nicely with a really good rider! :) Thanks Ryan!!!

Flat video -

Jump schooling video -

And the last horse of the day was none other than Wallstreet Rose's oldest offspring - Wall Street WF by Waldaire! Ryan had another lovely ride on him - they did a bunch of lovely flying changes, the ditch, the water and hopped over some logs & other obstacles! Not too shabby for a 2nd ride together! :) Thanks to Roddy Strang of Sport Horse Training Inc. for putting such a solid foundation on our youngster! He's awesome!

Video -

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