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Friday, April 22, 2011

It truly takes a village!

In raising and training our own horses, it truly takes a village to bring them along. This post will be rather 'photo heavy' but hopefully our pride in the horses' progress shines through!

From the technicians at Select Breeders who do their highly specialized work, to the top nothch veterinarian - Dr. Sarah Sprague of Equine Reproduction Services, to the best baby horse (and competition horse) farrier Ken Cummins of Whispering Pines, Inc., to Roddy Strang of Sport Horse Training, Inc. who does all our young horse starting, our loyal and most awesome working students - Sara & Melissa, to Anne, Ellie and Bill for the personal sacrafices and the guys who help us unload the hay each summer, the neighbors who pitch in in a pinch, to the staff at True Prospect and all those behind the scenes folks who I am forgetting as well as just the general goodwill that makes even the most trying day a pleasure - THANK YOU. It truly does take a village to bring all the ingredients together in making a fine riding horse with the talent to draw the eye of top professionals...and we are blessed in having so many fine youngsters coming along.

This afternoon Anne and Ellie took Avebury and 2 young horses over to True Prospect to visit Ryan Wood. True gratitude has to be sent out by the bucket load to Roddy Strang and his staff at Sport Horse Training, Inc,. in Kirkwood PA - as he has done the best job starting our youngsters for ages. His fabulous training really shone through in the second youngster - Wall Street WF who had his first trip to True Prospect and first ride with Ryan...and he was just super - brave, forward and steady! Here are some photos of "Hansel" -

Don William WF hasn't seen Ryan since mid April when he shipped home from Aiken, so it was lovely to see him go...he is just getting stronger and, well, better - not that there was that much room for improvement but every ride is a nice leap forward in his training progress and Ryan was pleased. So the work will continue as we try to keep laying a solid foundation with Liam and advance his training as fast as he wants to progress.

And last but not least is Avebury WF. *sigh* What an awesome awesome horse he is - thanks to all the folks mentioned above! He had a super school with Ryan and I'll let the photos speak for how happy he is! :)

So our sincere gratitude goes out to everyone who makes our job possible! We can't do what we love so very much without your help and smiling faces, so thank you so much for everything! :)

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