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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby photos, schooling photos and a video link!

Wow! Is it really only Wednesday???? It's been a busy week but let's all enjoy some photos of Wizard's daughter first! :)

After we got some of the dressage horses worked, it was time to clean up Avebury WF (aka Dillon), Wallace WF (aka Lacey) and Wakanda WF (aka Wendy) for a school over at True Prospect!

All of the horses were excellent today and have made a lot of progress!

Thanks to Susanna Holder for schooling Wakanda! It was their first ride together and they got along beautifully!

Ryan Wood had a super school on Wallace WF! She's just really coming into her own and enjoyed her jumping quite a bit! :)

And last but not least - Avebury WF! Ryan had another super ride on him and they're both looking forward to MCTA and the 1* at the Virginia Horse Trials in the coming weeks!

HERE is the video from today! Enjoy!

If all goes according to plan, we're going over to watch Ryan jump Whodini WF tomorrow, so there will be another photo heavy post in the evening plus video links to enjoy as well! Oh and weather permitting - baby photos too! :-D

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