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Monday, April 18, 2011

Avebury and Plantation Field Horse Trials

First of all, we have to thank all the hard workers and helpers that make an event possible. Organizers, staff, volunteers, judges, scribes, ring crew, officials - a standing ovation for running a good competition and making the right call when the conditions got to be so much less than ideal.

The second round of profuse thanks go out to the staff at Phillip and Evie Dutton's True Prospect Farm and Ryan Wood for doing such a lovely job presenting our stallion! He is always groomed to the nines with perfect braids and just sparkles like a star! :) Thanks to Ryan for doing such a fantastic job riding in the torrential downpour and driving winds...

The third round of thanks goes out to Charish Campbell for shooting the videos of Avebury's dressage and show jumping! :) And for posting them so quickly on You Tube for us to enjoy!
Show Jumping

There are some proofs from AKDragoo available for viewing here.

The current plan is for Avebury to go Preliminary again at MCTA in a few weeks, so we will make the trek to MD and have photos and videos to share with everyone shortly.

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