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Monday, April 18, 2011

A bit of a tease...

Our Whodini WF (Waldaire x Abracadabra WF) is 2007 gelding has been undersaddle for about 7 weeks now and rave reviews are coming back about him! Our young horse starter Roddy Strang has had the highest praise for 'Dini' from the get go! He stands just shy of 15.3 and still has a bit of growing to do. But the highlight of this little powerhouse is his movement! He is a full brother to our super young stallion Wizard WF(2006) and to Wakanda WF(2005). They are all quite similar in type and build - this fellow just happens to be the fanciest mover!

We will have some new footage of 'Dini' undersaddle with Ryan Wood in the irons at True Prospect later this week as well as lots of photographs to share with everyone. Ryan is already quite excited to jump him tomorrow and was quite complimentary about how fabulous his trot is.

It's always good to hear good things back about the youngsters! (especially when it is from two accomplished horsemen with so many rides under their belts!)

Here are some photos of our little guy when he was much smaller and younger...enjoy! And check back Thursday or Friday for some new photos!

Here is a video from his foal inspection.

And one from about 16 months of age.

Thanks to Roddy Strang of Sporthorse Training Inc. for all his hard work - the good solid foundation he gives the youngsters really shines through! Thanks to Ryan and the rest of the staff at True Prospect for taking care of our little fellow and advancing his education! :)

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