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Monday, October 26, 2009

Waredaca and weather

Earlier this year Kitty went to Waredaca with Sally and had a good go in the mud. Yesterday we did a repeat of the weather experience with one exception - it was not raining like it did on Saturday!

Dressage was a bit tricky with very deep muddy spots and then firm footing elsewhere, so Kitty go a bit quick when she was slipping. Stadium was super and cross country was simply AWESOME!!!

Sally was kind and walked a bit of cross country as I had some questions about a combination, so I couldn't have had such a good day without her help. Some congratulations are due for her - she had another super weekend with her Preliminary horses with a second and third

As you will see from the photos the leaves are beautiful and it was a lovely sunny day!

Thanks Mom for driving and schlepping for the brown mare! She is always happiest when you are there to tell her she's a good girl!

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