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Friday, October 23, 2009

Super jumping lesson over at Sally's

So Kitty and went with mom over to Sally's yesterday for a jumping lesson. We've enjoyed jumping over at True Prospect Farm over some different material, but it was time to settle down and concentrate on our focus, form and preparation for show jumping.

I had asked Sally to jump Kitty for me so I could see her go and Kitty could work on some harder questions with Sally's guidance. It was really fun to watch them work through different exercises together. As one expects, Jelly Bean was paying close attention to what Sally was teaching Kitty - what else can you expect from the Head Trainer?

It is worth mentioning that Kitty has been a very kind horse who has taken exceptionally good care of me for the past 2 months. She has been a very confident and relaxed horse in allowing me to regain my form and timing over fences. Kitty is really special in that she is so focused and dedicated to clearing the obstacles in front of her - especially out cross country. I'll admit that the 3'6" obstacles at TPs aren't looking very big anymore and complex jumping questions are becoming more common and less 'tricky' for both of us...not something that needs to be done every ride, but it is quite fun to look back at how far we've progressed together in such a short amount of time! We're off to Waredaca Horse Trials this weekend with 2 more events to come in the next few weeks...

On the farming front, Dad brought in our final cutting of hay for 2009 yesterday. It is a lovely mixed hay with orchard grass, alfalfa, clover and some other grasses...the horses all voted and let us know the new hay should go straight into their stalls and not into the barns. :) Waldaire made a special request for the prime alfalfa bales to be placed directly into his stall for immediate consumption - he does love to eat the 'good stuff'!

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