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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Avebury WF receives his Permanent Breeding License and a Premier Grading!!!

The title sums up this super achievement for Watermark Farm but indulge me for a moment...Avebury and Ryan completed the Stallion Performance Test as an Eventing Stallion yesterday (October 12th) with super results!!!

Avebury received an overall score of 8 for his Performance test at True Prospect Farm in PA!!! He was granted his Permanent Breeding License and was a very, very good boy as it was a cold 34* when he was saddled to begin the test.

Video footage is currently uploading to You Tube so everyone can see what is asked of our Approved American Warmblood Regsitry stallion at a Testing.

Our gratitude goes out the Phillip Dutton for allowing us access to his outstanding facility, Ryan Wood for his skillful riding, Sally Cousins for the rider referral and all the support staff here at Watermark Farm for helping us to begin a new chapter with another third generation homebred stallion!

Please check back soon for the links to video footage or just go to the You Tube account -

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