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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Farm news & schooling photos

Over the past few days our young stallion Wizard WF (Waldaire/Again & Again) has been traveling to Select Breeders Service in Colora, MD ( to begin his training in the breeding shed. After each training session & collection Wizard has been declared to be 'perfect' in every way...quite a compliment for a young stallion! And as SBS is one of the top facilities in the US...we are very pleased to have our opinion of Wizard reinforced by such knowlegable professionals. If all goes according to plan, Wizard will be available for both fresh cooled and frozen semen breeding in the spring.

On the riding horse front - Avebury & Ruben had lovely schools with Ryan Wood today over at True Prospect Farm. And as there have been some comments that Avebury is jumping small fences...please blame the photographer (me) for not positioning the camera properly so the perspective is more accurate. Most of the time, Avebury is jumping at 3'6-9" with plenty of room to spare. There are several pairs of standards with the heights marked by the holes, so I am positive on that.

True Prospect just redid the footing surface in their lovely outdoor arena and it was a treat to be some of the first horses out on the new footing! It is really great to have access to this fine facility to help develop our horses...

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