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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'll keep it brief..

Only because this is not a socio political platform...just a blog about things that go on here at the farm.

But because my neck is stiff and my back is killing me from a pair of hairy and scary rides on Wyatt the past 2 days (note to self - he is terrified of the grinder noise on metal surfaces), here's what's up with the bridge -

Here is a full album of photos on the Farm Facebook Page. There are also several videos there that you can observe the workers cutting the plates loose directly over the water with no safe guards in place to catch the debris from entering the water supply.

So I'm not going to belabor the pollution, corruption and government sanctioned destruction of lives and public water. It's not worth it.

If anyone has any contacts in the News Media - please send them our way as this is going to affect far more than our little valley.

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