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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Clinic Times

Friday - Understanding the Young/Green Horse, Improving Your Lateral Work
8:00 First Demo Begins **
9:00 Jen
9:45 Karin
10:30 Jill
11:15 Ric
12:00 Lynn
12:45 Jill
1:30 Fiona
2:15-3:15 Roundtable discussion and Q&A

Saturday - Executing Better Tests, Improving Collection
8:00 First Demo Begins **
9:00 Lauren
9:45 Jill
10:30 Lynn
11:15 Jen
12:00 Linda
12:45 Fiona
1:30 Jill
2:15 Pat
3:00-4:00 Round table discussion and Q&A

Sunday - Flying and Counting Changes (Teaching and Improving), Pirouettes
8:00 First Demo Begins **
9:00 Jill
9:45 Linda
10:30 Lauren
11:15 Lynn
12:00 Jill
12:45 Fiona
1:30 Pat
2:15-3:15 Round table discussion and Q&A
** - Demonstration rides will be going on throughout the day.

If our riders can check in and let me know the time(s) work, that would be grand. Otherwise, they stand as listed above.

Lunch will be served buffet style in the house at noon. A hot and cold option will be available as well as drinks in an ice chest and coffee in the morning.

We're looking forward to a super weekend!

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