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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ride4Life, farm stuff, show schedule, hot must be summer!

Thanks to all our staff and helpers - First Cutting is finally finished!!! Due to all the rain we had in the past few weeks, that means Second Cutting is not far away for the fields that were harvested before the wet arrived for a prolonged visit!

So it was the Ride4Life at PVDA with the Dancing Horse Challenge this past weekend. Lots of top riders and horses, but the big thrill of the evening was to see Catherine Haddad Staller and her Winyamaro doing their rockin' P!nk Freestyle in full costume!! Great musics, superb riding and amazing horse who thrives on the encouragement of the audience! Really, really fun to go and cheer Catherine and Winny on for such a good cause! 
The Showplace Arena complex

Kathy Priest
Tami Batts & Ranko

Catherine & Winny

CHS & Winny

The DVCTA had a cool performance from their Quadrille. Two of our students participated, so it was a great opportunity to go and see what they've been doing beyond the open shows with monster scores! Congratulations to all who participated!

Liam says it is awfully bright to work!

Whodini is sure it was too hot to work so hard!
Life on the farm (beyond hay, teaching, cheering at shows) has involved a whole bunch of training, riding and gearing back up to compete some of the horses! We're also experiencing a bit of hotter weather - some might say finally, but I say regrettably - so the days are starting earlier and stretching at both ends! 

Oz thinks it is a fine day to work - no matter how hot or cold!

Wyatt is always pleased to work!

We also have a "supermoon" today/tonight. While I can't see it as being 'bigger' - it is certainly BRIGHTER! than usual!!!

So look for us at Blue Goose on Tuesday this week and Wednesday next week. We'll also be out and about getting mileage on the horses at some of the local hunter/jumper shows. Those road trips will be for the horses that need to get out and see ponies, paints, show material, warm up rings...all the chaos of what makes showing more exciting than being here at home where it is so quiet and dull! :)

Happy Riding! Stay hydrated and as cool as you can!

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