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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

July Clinic Series!

We've had requests to put together another Clinic Series - which is fabulous! It is always a pleasure to share our knowledge with others so here comes an opportunity to help boost your competition scores and increase the tools in your training toolbox!

 We are hoping to work around the local schooling show schedules and that got us to thinking - would evenings work for people? Or are weekends better? We'll need some feedback, so either comment below or contact us via email so we can do what suits the majority best!

Here's the rundown on the rough concepts that are in the works - Part One: Improving Your Lateral Work. 

 Part Two: Teaching Changes - From Simple to Advance Counting
Part Three: Executing Better Tests to Boost Your Scores

So that's the current concept. We'll be aiming for July dates (hence the "would evenings be better?" thought) and we need to hear from people who are interested. We can also squash it all into a single day if that would be better/easier/more convenient for everyone. There is a great deal of material to cover, so that is the only reason we were going to break it up. But we can do what works for everyone! Get in touch with us and we'll post dates and more information shortly!

Thanks! Happy Riding!

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