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Friday, March 8, 2013

Watermark Farm EHV-1 Protocol

Watermark Farm EHV-1 Protocol  (3/8/13)

Due to the recent outbreaks of EHV-1 all over the country Watermark Farm will be enforcing the following Preventative Protocol:
All students who are bringing their own horses for lessons need to provide 
  1. A statement from their veterinarian with proof of Rhino booster within the last 30 days (as of March 15th), 60 days (April 15th) and 90 days (May 15th). 
  2. Hay, water and bathing supplies to care for their horse at their trailer.
  3. For those horses that have an active travel life (lessons since the beginning of March at other facilities, vet clinics, farriers with high traffic situations/high volume client base) - please provide a log book with daily AM/PM temperature beginning today (3/8/13) and continuing until this epidemic is contained. 
  4. If you park on the road - please limit contact with the bachelor herd that comes calling. While they are friendly, we ask you to greet them from afar and tell them to go back to their big bale of hay.

For lessons in the indoor - please use the door on the South Side for all human and outside equine traffic.

All students who are using a WF horse for a lesson - 
Please use your best judgement and wear clean clothing - shoes, breeches, gloves, etc that have not been in contact with other horses unless you keep a closed herd situation at your own farm and can provide proof of vaccination of your horses. 

For our human farm visitors and guests -

Please refrain from petting our horses or offering them treats. 
Please do not come to the farm after having been to other horse farms. 

Horses that are returning from areas of the country that have current quarantined farms (Loxahatchee, Wellington, Gurnee) will be asked to stay at their home facilities until a 28 day “all clear” can be documented or Proof of vaccination and temperature logs are provided. 

Please take a minute to review the AAEP Guidelines and FAQ to refresh your familiarity with the symptoms of EHV-1 and EHM. 

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