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Friday, March 8, 2013

Facebook is useful! I promise!

Every so often on Facebook there are drawings, photos or links to articles that are definitely a sign that it is a useful place to be. Then again, there are plenty of illustrations, photos, comments and revealing facts that clutter news feeds that are fall more into the "enlightening" category!

Here is an image that was circulating earlier in the week - 

It is definitely worth taking a close look at this pressure points, nerves and compare how your bridle is adjusted. We recently began to use several of Stubben's 2117 Bridles and are more than please at how much better the horses are going. The contact is the main difference - so much lighter, the horses are happier in the bridles and more cooperative! With the padded nose band that is wide (but not huge nose support) the horse's have a comfortable fit around their jaw. The innovative design of the crown piece allows for greater relaxation at the poll...all of which just makes riding at a high level EASIER! 

Stubben's 2117 Bridle's crown piece

Our current bridle inventory
So if you think a vast inventory of old bridles with traditional headstalls is "fine" or "good enough" then reconsider how your equipment is adjusted and its impact on your horse's daily training with the FEI's stated goal of "happy athlete". Then take a look at Stubben's bridle options. It is worth making the change I believe purely because the horses are more comfortable and happy. That's good enough for me!

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