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Friday, March 1, 2013

Dressage Royal - something to smile about!

Dressage Royal in 2005
Dressage Royal
There is always a lag between breeding to a stallion and the time when the resulting foal matures into a riding horse. No one has invented a time machine to fast forward through the gestation, yearling, two year old and three year old years. Then there are the weeks, months, years that it takes to for the young horse to mature into a "real" riding horse - practicing lateral work, flying changes, half steps...THEN you know what you have and if it was a good decision. Breeders are the eternal optimists. Really. :)

Don William WF
Our first Dressage Royal foals were born in 2007. So it is with positive enthusiasm we can say with confidence - "Dressage Royal is the real deal!" His babies are consistently very straightforward to start undersaddle, easy to handle, exceptionally good movers with the modern flair that judges seek to reward with big numbers and they are a joy to train and ride. Don William and Daylily have always been a pleasure to work with, but now the training is getting more complex and they rise to the occasion time and again. Not only are they well conformed horses who love to cuddle - they have smooth gaits, superb walks and easy flying changes! Dreamcatcher and Dream Girl are following quickly in their hoofsteps and have bright futures! They are very comfortable horses with smooth gaits and plenty of power from the hindquarters - just like their older relatives!

Dressage Royal at the Private Stallion Show
We could not be happier with the decision to have imported Dressage Royal semen to the US in 2006 after Anne had met Hermann & Dorit Kothe in Germany. Look for his WF bred offspring in the competition arena in 2013!! His "foreign" offspring are making big headlines in their competition circles too - Doringcourt (New Zealand), Damsey (Germany), Dolce Bella (California), Don Diego (Florida) and now our beauties here on the East Coast!

 We will be updating our DR youngster's pages on the website as the weather improves. With a spell of colder temperatures in the near forecast that means we will continue to be in the indoor arena - rather dull and boring for video to showcase these high quality horses...but soon it will be spring and we shall return to the outdoor arena and sunshine!!!
Daylily WF

Dressage Royal

If you are considering breeding to DR, please email or and discuss your interest. Several AHS breeders have contacted us about breeding to Dressage Royal and purchased semen. As an FYI - the 'Foreign Sire Fee' is per foal fee for those who use Dressage Royal or if it is per foal fee. He is approved by the American Warmblood Registry (AWR), Oldenburg Verband (GOV), Hanoverian Verband (VhW) and other registries by request.

So keep your eyes peeled! Stalk the website! We'll keep everyone updated on their exploits here on the blog and on FB and it will be noteworthy!!

~Happy Riding!~

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