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Saturday, March 9, 2013

A jaunt to Dunmovin Farm in West Chester to start the year!

Since the Florida trip was canceled, it was time to find a schooling show! Fortunately we squeezed into Dunmovin's final show in the Snowflake Series! Oz (aka Wizard WF) went up and had his first outing of the year at Fourth Level. 
We had a mid-afternoon ride time which was perfect as the temperatures crept up enough that Oz got a bath to show off his shiny clipped coat! The farm is very friendly with a well thought out traffic pattern and flow for competitors and horses to make their way from the parking area to warm up to competition arena! Just lovely and inviting for horses to gain confidence in a new venue! 

I rode a conservative test - nothing dramatic or flamboyant. The goal was to have a smooth run through and minimize any drama. That being said, he was wonderful - focused, relaxed and only a bit cheeky every so often. Oz is the best type of horse to show - he counts noses to keep track of an audience and it reminds me very strongly of Wally, who also loved nothing more than to go out for an adventure and show off his tricks. 

The show runs on the Danish Award system so our 66% earned a yellow ribbon and extra mints for the little star!

Thanks to Stubben N.A. for their fabulous equipment! Oz loves his 2117 Bridle! I love my Genesis Special D!!!! Thanks to R.H. Rohrer in Quarryville for our feed! Thanks to Mom and Dad for the ride on this nice horse and the coaching & moral support! Thanks to OneK Helmets for my stylin' headgear!

Now onward and upward! Time to move the training back outdoors and into the large arena! Bigger gaits, more expression and power will be the name of the game!! :-D

~Happy Riding!~

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