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Monday, January 7, 2013

Wow! What a fun weekend!!!

A big PA sized THANK YOU goes out to all our client participants and auditors! The riders rode like a million bucks! The horses were fabulous! The auditors asked great questions! Hopefully everyone was warm enough and learned a lot! We thought it was a fantastic day and enjoyed meeting new faces in the audience and working with such good riders!

There was a snowy start to the day that was a bit of a shock, but the indoor reached the high 50s by the afternoon and that is certainly a workable temperature!

So our final clinic in this 3 part Series is this coming Sunday January 13th. We will have a slightly modified format with a more direct Q&A type of demo to start the day with a longer discussion of technique, problem solving and execution to start the day.

Riding times will be limited as there is a great deal to discuss and then to apply that knowledge in a short amount of time (say an hour) with no practical hands on time can be a bit difficult.

Please contact to discuss riding in the Seminar.

The Auditing Fee will remain the same and we are getting a forecast of 57* for the day, so it should be more than warm enough to have a nice day going over the how's, why's and what's happening in a flying change. Hope to see everyone in 6 days!

~Happy Riding!

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