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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some snapshots from around the farm

Let's just agree that the weather has been terrible for a week. No debate. No discussion. Just take me at my word - when the high is 22*, not much is getting done beyond the basics of feeding, watering, delivering big bales to the pastures, limited turnouts and repeating through the list as necessary.

There have been some pretty sunrises to look at, so enjoy the images -

So this is looking a tad better - at 30* we RIDE!!!

The mares got several big bales this week and some of them are beginning to resemble the square shape! :) 

In any case, we're supposed to get quite a bit warmer this week! So it will be time to dust off the horses and go for a ride! Remember our Riding Fundamentals Clinic is on the 3rd, so if you are interested in riding, we have just 2 spaces left. 

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