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Sunday, January 13, 2013

February Clinic Schedule and Information

So we have our last clinic in the first Clinic Series today! It's the Flying Change Seminar! Yippeee!

And that is also exciting because Series II is just around the corner with our Riding Fundamentals Clinic on February 3rd, Demystifying Lateral Work on the 17th and the Flying Change Seminar on the 23rd! Mark your calendars!!!

Some things worth mentioning -
   We recommend riders audit the first 2 clinics (at least, riding would be more beneficial) if they are interested in working on their changes as there are many subtle training tools that go into building a clean single change and it is too much to cover in a single 45 minute session for most horses.
   We are offering a $10 discount for each clinic session to any/all TB's (OTTB or just full xx blood) for this series. Anne has a solid foundation in transitioning the TB from racing horse to Grand Prix, so this an opportunity to help encourage better dressage scores for our equine friends that were bred for more speed than their warmblood buddies.
   In case of inclement (seasonal) weather - we will push the clinics back 1 week. However, that being said - the Series must wrap by the end of the first weekend in March, so check back often for updates!
   For those interested in using a WF horse for the clinics - we are happy to provide a trained FEI horse for you to learn on, however, they are not machines and can take great exception to a strange rider at times. It would be beneficial to your learning experience to ride them a few times prior to the clinic(s). Contact to discuss which horse suits your riding style and schedule best.

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