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Monday, January 21, 2013

Swans! I see Swans!!!!!

Ok, there are some breeders that are blessed with young horses that are gorgeous as foals, spectacular as yearlings, two year olds and when the young horse is ready to start its undersaddle education, it is still gosh darn gorgeous!!! Well, we are not usually so fortunate. Occasionally but not often! Therefore, the principle of the Ugly Duckling Will Become A Swan is in full effect and steadfastly clung to by all who live here.

Yesterday the mares in the big Hill Pasture got another large square bale - 7'x7'x3'. They chowed down as if they are completely deprived of all sustenance - never mind the previous bale is still there in a heap that reaches their fetlocks - and then turned to catch the last of the afternoon sun.

Our 2011 filly Wendolyn WF (aka Lynnie) has been a nice looking youngster since she was born - pretty uniform, no hideous growth spurts and she has maintained a good topline. Her older sister Windrose WF (aka Bailey), well, not so much. She has been more growthy and gangly - not hugely unbalanced looking but a tad awkward nonetheless. Anyhow, I was halfheartedly watching the NFC game and looked up at the TV and in the window behind the screen caught sight of a nice black mare sleeping in the sun. I thought it was Lynnie and snagged the big camera, a memory card and headed out to snap a few images.

Imagine my surprise - it wasn't Lynnie! It's Bailey! The swan! I see the swan under all of that mud!!! Yipppeeee!

So take heart folks! It does happen! Really!

The 2009's are looking really good as well, so I will get some new images of them this week as well - it's too cold to do a ton of riding, so indoor projects will be the focus this week.

Check back! And if you are in a warm location - Happy Riding!!!

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