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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Heads up to a a few changes...

We have some moderate sized changes rolling into the schedule for the farm!!

First off - Facebook is having a great deal of trouble loading for the past few days, so our Farm Page is not current. Apparently it is a DNS issue and should be worked out soon. *fingers crossed*

Secondly - We are going to be offering 2 clinics around the Christmas and New Year's Holidays. More on that later...

Third - More of our young horses are getting going undersaddle, which makes for more fun riding horses joining our Sales List! We will be adding to this group over the coming months, so if you see a youngster that is of interest and its riding status is unclear - please contact us for more information!

And finally as our Fourth item - if you are interested in learning more about what Stubben N.A. has to offer you in the saddle department, please let us know! We can offer a saddle fitting clinic in the coming weeks if there is interest, so don't be shy if you want to learn more about Stubben saddles!

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