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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

As the year winds to a close, we will look back at our friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

2012 has been a tough and wonderful year all rolled together and the next few blog posts will reminisce about those who have passed on in the year...


Double Bounce aka Bounceybounce, Ounce of Bounce, Bounceditty, Beatley Bee and just plain sweet Bounce.

Show jumping, foxhunting, eventing, dressage schoolmaster...nothing was too taxing and while Bounce had opinions, she tried her heart out when push came to shove. She taught many riders what a real flying change felt like along with proper lateral work and increasingly difficult dressage exercises during her days as a riding horse. She was one of the most sure footed horses who was a grand fox hunting mount - never batting an eyelash at the most trappy of obstacles, albeit she was not a huge fan of cows!

Bounce and Dice out Foxhunting on Children's Day

Bounce was a grand mare who enjoyed her last few years of retirement babysitting the weanlings and bossing the field with her aging friends. Her distinctive whinny was clear as a bell and heard round the entire farm often over the years. We will miss her beautiful face and charming personality but are well aware that she is more comfortable now. Rest in peace sweet mare.


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