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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Demystifying Lateral Work Clinic Times - POSTPONED to 1/6/13


Demo begins promptly at 10 AM

10:30 Anecia & Theo
11:15 Jill & Atreo
12 noon Karyn & Tasker
12:45 Pat & Beau
1:30 Janet & Ziggy
2:15 Fiona & Savannah

3PM Lauren & Rochelle

Due to the heaps of rain we have gotten, trailer parking will be on the roadside (west edge) as it is no fun to pull trailers in what was once grass. We encourage some overlap of riders during their warm up/cool down time, so the lessons are set at 45 minute intervals but feel free to enter the ring 5-10 minutes ahead of your time slot and linger after you have finished.

We will have some hot refreshments - hot chocolate and coffee as well as some extra blankets (coolers) to help keep our auditors from freezing to death. Bundle up and we look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!

Due to the shift in weather, this clinic is postponed until next Sunday 1/6/13. The Flying Change Seminar will be bumped to the 13th. Snow dates will be the week following until this clinic series wraps!

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