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Monday, October 15, 2012

It's here! It's here!

Remember a few posts back when I went on a tirade about helmet safety, expiration dates and being responsible???? Well, I am the proud owner of a new One K Defender Helmet in Navy Blue Suede. It is a serious upgrade in fit, comfort and safety from my old GPA! (no offense GPA - your hat just gave me a headache all these years!)

So check out the photos below... (and advance apologies for looking all stiff and formal here in the living room with a helmet on! It felt a tad awkward!) ;)

Thank you Skylands Saddlery! Your booth at DAD allowed me to learn about your awesome product line and then TRY the helmets on in a low pressure environment! You guys Rock!!

I left this image a slightly larger size. I wear a 52 in a GPA, so I have a tiny pin sized head. With the awesome sizing system and shape of the One K, it doesn't dwarf my face and look ridiculous. Allow me to pull up some examples of "where is Ellie under all that hat?" from the past...
1992 or 91? when the first ASTM hats hit the market
1994 and this thing flopped around like a bowl on my noggin

the Original GPA 
So you see what I mean? They're pretty ridiculous looking!  I promise new photos on the horses tomorrow with my hair tied up properly! And then in the not too distant future - show photos with my spiffy blue tail coat! :)

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