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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Spectacular SALE!

There are some exciting changes coming to our Farm this fall! The riding horses are gearing up for a very productive winter season and big plans are afoot for the upcoming competition season. The youngstock are maturing beautifully - which is a positive omen for future performance as riding horses. Speaking of youngstock, we are looking at offering mare owners an excellent opportunity to access our proven rooster of breeding stallions:

Waldaire: $350

Showtime WF: $200   

Adamant: $250 per dose   

Dressage Royal: $800           

Again and Again: $300                   

Wizard WF: $250

Avebury WF: $350 

These discounts will be offered for a limited time!  (meaning we will not be announcing the date when the sale ends, so buy now and SAVE!)

Please see our STALLIONS page for more information. 

With the Winter season fast approaching, we are offering a "Watermark Farm Club Membership" access to the indoor and outdoor ring facilities. For a Single Rider it is $250 per month and for a Family Group $300. Due to our existing clientele, this is offered by appointment only. There is no sense in having 20 people booked into the ring at one time! Please email for more information and payment options. Watermark Farm reserves the right to prohibit horses/riders that are disruptive, dangerous to others or rude.

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