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Friday, October 12, 2012

12,400 and counting!

A big THANK YOU shout out to all of our family, friends, supporters and fans on Facebook! We rolled 12,400 yesterday and are well on the way to crossing the threshold to 12,500! Thank you!!! It is quite fun to be able to share our horses with people from around the world! :)

There is one album up already and we'll be adding more over the weekend of our foundation broodmares and their produce. Have a look at Today I'm Trying xx and her collection of beautiful foals and their descendants.

Speaking of beautiful foals, here are some new videos of Wall Street WF (who was certainly one of our prettiest babies!) He is still growing and maturing but we are pleased to see how settled he is when there are some small jumps involved. "Hansel" will be joining our Sales List shortly, so check back for pricing and discipline suitability.

(please note - Francisco is not a trained jump rider! He starts youngsters as a profession - so no critiquing his skills!)

So I think that catches things up for a day or two. Stay warm tomorrow morning! It is supposed to be extremely chilly!! Blanket your riding horses so as to ward off any chilly back muscles! Happy riding!

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