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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Check it out!!

The Website is almost current!!!!!

I say almost because about 3 minutes have passed, so that means I could go in and update another page!!! :) But I won't tonight...

 But there is new cover art on the FB page -

However, we have a very large breeding special about to happen, so keep an eye here on the blog, the Stallion Page or our Facebook Page for the announcement. It is a big one, so definitely something to consider for your personal stock of frozen swimmers!

Speaking of frozen - here are a few of our youngsters - not all from Frozen Semen but quite a few of them are...

So the vast majority of these horses are for sale. If one of them catches your eye, please email for more information and pricing. Speaking of horses for sale, our Wall Street WF has joined the Under Saddle Horses for Sale Listings. Check our his new videos!

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