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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

9800 FANS!

Ok, I'll start with the THANK YOU portion of this post...

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to all of our fans and friends on Facebook for the support, the comments, the LIKES and feedback about our farm and horses. We passed 9800 Fans yesterday and it is very exciting to think how close 10,000 really is. So take a second and think about that...almost 10,000 people have taken a second or 2 and clicked LIKE on our fan page. Just amazing!

Thank you all so very much.

As the not quite so serious part of the post, please take a few minutes out of your day and enjoy this segment of the Colbert Report as he discusses the Romney's and dressage! So with an enthusiastic "WOOOOOOOO" break out your foam fingers, root for the home team (US Dressage), wear a ball cap and go to your local, regional or national show and cheer for the athletes who work so hard to get there!!!!


:-D Happy Riding!

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