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Thursday, June 28, 2012

There was a clinic here the other day...

Gosh it has been a busy week! It is almost hard to believe that it is only Thursday and a hot one at that!

So I'll start with the huge list of THANK YOU's...

Thank you to Catherine for coming to our farm. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, skill as a trainer and unmatched ability to explain to both rider's and auditors what needs to be happening for the horse and rider to 'Get Connected'!

Thank you to all of our riders for their hard work!

Thank you to Bill Alphin (A&A Photography) for shooting photos of all of the riders.

Thank you to Bob Conklin (Conklin Photographic) for taking even more photos of the riders. Bob also brought the killer Blueberry pie that some folks got a piece of...homemade, organic, made with love - just sublime!

Thank you to Stubben N.A. for sending the ever-so-awesome Keith Brooks to us to offer riders and trainers insight into saddle fitting and what Stubben has to offer.

Thank you to Theault America for sending The Morpheus and Marc to illuminate our attendees with all that Theault has incorporated into their superior horse transport system! I think it is safe to say that we all want one!!!

Thank you to the AWR for sending Sonja to us for the day! She had a constant stream of inquiries throughout the day - so hopefully people left with a greater understanding of what an American Warmblood really is!

Thank you to Sandro, Poncho and the rest of the guys for all of the hard work that went into helping us get the farm ready for so many visitors!

Thank you to Pat & Ric for the use of their TIGHAR sun shade canopy tents!

Thank you to Karin for the use of your cooler, tent and the million and one things you always do to help us keep things organized!!!

Our sincere apologies for the dust in the arena go out to the riders, auditors and most especially Catherine. There has been more than the 'usual' amount of chaos going on as of late, so it was very much a case of 'best laid plans going awry.' If we are every lucky enough to have an opportunity to have Catherine back in the area, we will be looking to rent/borrow a full sized indoor arena with full mirrors and perfect footing. So if you would happen to have such a facility and you are interested in having Catherine teach you...speak up!

Regardless, thank you to everyone who made this day possible!

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