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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some student feedback to share with everyone!

One of mom's longtime students sent a lovely email for us to share with you all...

"Dear Anne and Ellie,    I have come to your Farm for a number of years now with both Kordi-Bear and The Bunder-Boy.
I just wanted you to know about the AURA that I have felt each time when we drive in.  I see soft blues and pinks ---all warm
fuzzies of a soft RAINBOW.  I love watching the training, and I LOVE taking my lessons with ANNE -- and training my own
horses there.   I love learning more and more, and my horses have been so peaceful and comfortable at Your Watermark !!!
This goes in ALL weather ---any SEASON.  The footing in the indoor and outer ring are superb....   I ride really well when I'm
there exhibiting such a positive atmosphere........

          THANK YOU for sharing WATERMARK FARM with me and my horses.... ONWARD and UPWARD,,,  LUV, STEPHI"

Stephi & Bunder

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