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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Videos! Videos! Lots and lots of videos!

It was video day in the indoor! The jumps are not massive. The lighting is iffy. The quality of the video (on YouTube) is a bit dodgy. Hopefully everyone has an extra helping of patience and can make themselves sit through the footage! :)

I'll share what we watch for -
Does the horse make the necessary adjustments in the approach to the fences, so as to have a good take off spot?
Does the horse use its neck and back so that it can maintain a smooth arc over the fences?
Is the horse relaxed between the fences and on the 'open' side of the ring?
How is the rhythm?
Does the horse bring its knees up and high in front of their elbow (the first time through the grid)?

So with all that in mind - Enjoy!

Wallace WF

Daylily WF

Wylie WF

Wilona WF

Wakanda WF

Wizard WF

Avebury WF

Don William WF

Whodini WF

Wall Street WF

And at the end of the day, we had an impromptu photo shoot for a possible client of Wall Street -

So while his front legs could be less underneath his body (he is leaning forward a bit) - it gives everyone an idea of how he looks! :)

Happy riding!

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