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Monday, January 23, 2012

Featured Horse ***Wilona WF***

From the beginning Wilona has delighted us with sensible nature and free shoulder. She is a barn favorite to work around and ride each day. While she is not the tallest of our riding horses, she covers plenty of ground and is an efficient in her way of going. She is the best of her dam As You Wish WF combined with all the great qualities that make Waldaire's offspring so special.

We see quite a bit of Wilona's TB ancestors in her - Neckar (who she is linebred to), Waidmannsdank, Volkorn and his son Volturno (Wilona's great grandsire).

This video is of Wilona as a coming three year old.
And this is from June 2011 with Ryan Wood riding -

And this is a hunter round with a petite young woman riding from September 2011 -

and then a bit of loose schooling from last week -

As you all can see, Lona has a very fancy way of going and is careful over fences. She is extremely grounded and calm to work around...just a sensible and very sweet girl.

She is for sale to an approved home. Please contact for more information.

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