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Monday, January 9, 2012

Foxhunting and more farm news!

So our working student Melissa has left our area for a semester of study abroad!! She was kind enough to give me a lift to go foxhunting on her last full day her in the States! We had a marvelous time and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly scampering up and down the hills in Nottingham.

I hunted our As You Wish WF again and have nothing but the highest praise for this fine mare. She is bold and careful on the dodgy footing - extremely surefooted and self sufficient in maintaining her balance. Over the icy, slippery, mucky, pock marked bits - she finds her own way! At a check, she stands on the buckle and watches the hounds do their work. The hounds can run up the trail behind her or under her nose and she does not mind. Kitty has also learned to pull to the side to allow any and all Staff to pass her. :) So I am confident in saying she is a top notch hunt horse! And it is a matter of pride for us all - she has never received any sort of tranquilizer or Ace to go hunting. She does not need drugs to be a sensible and safe ride.

So good luck Melissa! Have fun! Enjoy Italy! Learn lots!!!

And on to other farm stuff -

We've had some unbelievably gorgeous sunrise and sunsets in the past few days. Not much more needs to be said beyond that!


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