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Monday, January 16, 2012

Supporters are what make it all worthwhile!

So our fan count on the Farm Page on FB is up to 5200!!

Thank you all so much for all the 'Likes' and comments about our horses! It has been very fun to share them with our new friends from all over the globe!

On a slightly different note, we had a bit of fun on Saturday and took Wyatt and Atreo over to Springdale Farm in Chadds Ford for their schooling show! Thank you to all the folks at SMF for allowing us to invade your lovely facility!!! And if you are looking for a super nice indoor with great footing and friendly faces - this is the place to go! They are having another combined test on the 4th of February, so hopefully we shall see more of our friends there! And as a side note - Wyatt doesn't mind tinsel! :) He did a somewhat expressive 2nd 2 in the small arena (it fits just fine BTW) and schooled some of the 4th level movements both before and after. Mom and Atreo did just fine in their first 'show' environment! I showed Karin's lovely Adelaide (by Adamant) in the 1st 1 and she was a very good girl! She reminds me of her sire so strongly - always aiming to please her rider and checking in to see if she did the right thing 'good enough'? Love the user friendly types! And if anyone is thinking that they don't want to jump - join me on the 'Dressage Only' side! :-D

So I think that's everything for this bright and chilly Monday morning! Stay warm, stay focused and enjoy your horses! Happy riding!

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