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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Schooling photos from here in PA!

The temperature came very close to 60* yesterday and we took full advantage of the outdoor arena & sunshine! :) The snow has melted away from the ring surface which does make for a bit of mud, but given the alternative, we will not complain!

Here is As You Wish's daughter Wilona WF (by Waldaire) with Sara G. riding...

Wilona is coming along beautifully as a riding horse! She deserves special mention with her exceptional use of her front legs - she is FANCY! Of course, Wilona has excellent engagement of her hind legs...she is quite a fun horse to have for the future!

Not to be outdone by a barn mate is Wizard WF!

He too is coming along nicely and was quite well behaved in the outdoor for the first time this year. His gaits continue to impress us all and it is not every horse that I dismount with a cheek splitting grin...this guy is special!

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