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Friday, March 19, 2010

Footage from the frist 3 days in Aiken

So I finally had a bit of time (not tied to the broodmares for a couple of hours) and I got the bits of Aiken footage edited & uploaded to You Tube.

The first clip is from the very first morning that Avebury was at Red Oak Farm. This jumping area is just a small part of the Bridle Creek community's schooling complex and this is the first time Avebury had seen any of it! :) It is worth mentioning that it was about 36* and there was a steady cold rain coming down.

The second clip is from the fantastic Gibbs Farm located a bit over an hour from Aiken. It was just 2 days after the initial clip and this is the second area that Avebury & Ryan schooled in. It was the first water of the day. As it was still a bit chilly, I did abandon the video camera and shot stills for the remained of the day.

Thanks to Ryan for schooling the big guy so nicely!

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